Illus. Wedz Mantra


What is Rap Toons:Colorado?

Rap Toons:Colorado reimagines your favorite colorado rappers as cartoons. Presented by 4THECULTURE and created by Wedz Mantra. 

How does the list work?

We don’t make the list. Our list is automatically created based on which rappers have the highest ratings on the site. Rappers with the highest ratings are featured as Rap Toons.

How do votes & comments work?

You must be logged into to comment and vote. Click on a rapper’s page above and vote for your favorite rappers. Fans and supporters can only vote once so that there is no duplicated votes. 

Collab with us!

If you are a rapper, producer, illustrator, animator and want to collaborate with us on this project we are all ears. Hit us up on messenger. Let’s create art!


Work in Progress

beta phase 1

Don’t mind our mess, we’ll clean things up as we move closer to an official public launch.